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The NXT Nebula Desktop

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I recently found the NXT-OS suite for Rainmeter and I loved the concept, so I decided to build a desktop (Windows 10) with that as my base.


Here’s what I used:

  • This wallpaper by TylerCreatesWorlds
  • As mentioned, the NXT-OS suite for Rainmeter. It includes the circular dock (top left), the time/date (top right), the clock/audio visualizer (center), and the game drawer (bottom center). There are a bunch of other features you can’t see in my screenshot, like a lock screen, command/launcher, widget screen, and more.
  • I customized the circular dock with icons of my choosing. I used the Circle Icon Pack by Martz90 for app icons (shown above). I used the Metro UI Icon Set by dAKirby309 for the pop out dock folders (see second screenshot below). I chose to use these for the dock folders because they’re square instead of round, which I thought would be a good visual cue to differentiate between an app icon and a folder icon.
  • The weather and now playing (top, directly to the right of the circular dock) are skins from the Cascadex suite for Rainmeter by Redsaph. The now playing widget requires the Rainmeter Spotify Plugin to work.
  • Down the left side of the screen are skins (hdds 1, 2, and 3, and CPU, RAM, and Uptime) from the Flat and Blurry suite for Rainmeter by satyajit00. I did mod these a bit. I made the backgrounds transparent, and I made the hdd skins a little bigger.

Here’s a screenshot of the pop out dock folders, using the Metro UI Icons:

Illustration for article titled The NXT Nebula Desktop

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