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System Code Setup

I had an itch to rework my desktop (yeah it’s only been a few months; I get bored easily), and I saw this wallpaper on reddit and decided to design a rainmeter setup to go with it. A lot of the skins I’m using were used in my last setup, but by changing the colors and fonts, they can have a totally different look.

  • Wallpaper
  • I use Classic Shell to make my taskbar transparent (hard to see on this dark setup) and to change the Start Icon.
  • Disen by HipHopium for the clock and the temperature. I modified the color, font, sizing, and edited the weather icons out of the temp skin.
  • I used the system monitoring skins from the Enigma suite for rainmeter for the cpu, ram, core temp, wifi, hdd, uptime, network, and recycle bin. Again, I modified the font.
  • Cleartext by Redsaph for the Now Playing info, color and font modified.
  • Fountain Of Colors for the audio visualizer.
  • I used a free font I found on Behance called System Code to customize all the skins.

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