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Drops Of Clarity

Desktop without Audio Visualizer
Desktop without Audio Visualizer

I decided it was time for a new desktop, so I cobbled this one together from many parts. Here’s how I did it:

  • Wallpaper by Sashaa812
  • I used Classic Shell to make the Windows 10 taskbar transparent, so that I could pin all my most used shortcuts to it and it would function like a transparent dock.
  • I also used Classic Shell to change the start button. The start button is static in the screenshot but here’s a link to a little gif I made of it animating on mouseover. You can get the same start button here, in the Classic Shell forums.
  • I used Rainmeter for all the other skins. From top to bottom:
  • Starting in the top left, I used the Disen skin by HipHopium for the clock and weather widget. The weather widget in the original skin has some quite attractive weather icons included, but I just wanted the text, so I modified the skin to exclude them. I’ve uploaded the modified skin to dropbox, so if you want to use it, just install the Disen skin first and then unzip my folder into the Disen skin directory (Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Disen).
  • Directly underneath those, I’m using Cleartext by Redsaph for the Now Playing Widget. I love this one, because it even works with Spotify, which few Rainmeter Now Playing skins do.
  • Over in the top right, I’m using the google search bar and the To Do list from the Omnimo Suite for rainmeter. Omnimo is a huge and very complete suite of skins, but I was just looking for these two things in particular, so I just used them from the Omnimo TextItems folder.
  • Along the bottom of the screen, just above the taskbar, I’m using a selection of skins from the CircuitousTwo suite of skins by FlyingHyrax. I’m using the CPU, RAM, Core Temp, Download/Upload, Hard Disks, Recycle Bin, and Volume meters. There are a few others available in the suite, and they are very easily customizable. For example, I changed the size and the font to match the Disen skins.
  • I also have the RainDrop2 audio visualizer by mrcoaster installed. It also comes with a Now Playing widget (that also works with Spotify), but I’m just using the visualizer part. I customized the colors to match my wallpaper. It only shows up when music is actually playing, so here’s what that looks like:
Desktop with Audio Visualizer
Desktop with Audio Visualizer

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